Getting a degree in theatre can be more than just to get ahead in a career as it brings a lot of specialized skills to learn. It is a balanced blend of professional training, technical and communication skills that can prepare you for every success in your life. 

A major in Theatre can help you learn different skills, traits, and qualities that help your personality in many ways. It’s not just to get success; of course, your career is important but also is your health and happy life. 

Here are my top 10 reasons to get a degree in Theatre.

  1. Oral Communication Skills

Acting in front of your friends and teachers, speaking out loudly, and performing on-stage can help you to improve your oral communication skills. You can speak clearly, loud, and thoughtfully. Not only on a stage, but you will be able to speak clearly in every aspect of your life. Moreover, you will be comfortable speaking in large groups as a theater degree helps you to learn well-organized oral communication skills. 

  1. Ability To Solve Problems Creatively

Theatre brings out the creativity in you in different aspects like acting, directing, or maybe script writing. You can also learn some excellent management skills, and many companies around the world hire creative thinkers in their teams. 

Many people are not aware as employees don’t see theatre as an artistic problem-solving skill. But, look around in a theatre, there is so much to handle and take care of every second. 

  • Props 
  • Direction 
  • Design 
  • Script management 
  • Lights 
  • And running the show like a pro. 
  1. Motivation And Commitment

Being a part of theatre is a promise, a commitment that you are going to learn, and you genuinely feel so motivated to be a part of this world. You get a positive attitude and learn a new discipline to lead your life. 

  1. Willingness To Work Together

The silver lining behind a major in Theatre is that it makes you a team player all in all. Theatre work involves individuals with different intellect, styles of working, motivation, and dedication. While completing a major in Theatre, you will become flexible enough to work with a larger crew and in a cooperative manner.

Theatre teaches that no project can be accomplished without working as a team. From Direction to Production, from the camera to the makeup artist, everyone must work cooperatively and like a team to pull off a great show!

  1. Time-Budgeting Skills

“Time is money and money is time,” this famous quote sums up a great advantage of a Theatre major. From rehearsals to sound practices, everything follows perfect timing. If you are working on the Production side, then one thing Theatre teaches you is how to manage the entire budget in the best way possible. 

Theatre teaches you the two best skills every person should acquire: 

  • Time management 
  • Budgeting 
  1. You Can Learn To Work Independently

Theatre is all about hard work, and there might be a time when you might have to work alone. Rehearsing, directing, making props for yourself, writing lines, and maybe working in different characters. It may sound a little hard, but it will improve your ability to work alone and manage everything efficiently and effectively. 

  1. Respect For Deadlines

Deadlines are a part of both your educational and practical life, and it shows your discipline for rules and regulations. If you don’t follow the deadlines, it shows that you are inconsiderate for others, but working and learning theatre can change that. It helps you to be more organized so you can meet deadlines. 

  1. Acceptance of rules

In theatre learning, you need to work with a lot of people, producers, and directors, and there are specific rules you must follow. Theatre teaches you the importance of following rules, which is valued by many organizations that can be beneficial for your career.

  1. Able To Work Under Pressure

Theatre demands long hours working and dedication. Sometimes you might feel pressured because of the timings and hard work. But, in the end, you will know how much it helped you; you are now a better person with the skills to work under pressure and strict deadlines. 

  1. Leadership Skills

One of the most important skills you can learn from Theatre is leadership. It is one of the best skills a company looks for, and if you have it, you got the job! Companies need individuals who can handle their staff or employees and provide the effective management and leadership skills they are looking for. 


These are the top 10 benefits to getting a degree in Theatre. If you think you want to improve your skills and enjoy a perfect career, then this degree is an ideal option for you.